Scale your Sales + Jointflows

Sales Success + 80% Deal Management, 20% Sales Methodology


In this week’s Scale Your Sales podcast episode, my guest is Mick Gosset. 

Mick is the CEO of Jointflows. Jointflows provide a solution to both problems by streamlining the closing phase of the sales process, bringing alignment between go-to-market teams, and increasing visibility in deals and operations. 

Mick was a professional gymnast who competed in events such as the World Cup Series, European Championship, World Games, World Championship, and more from 2008–2011. In this week’s episode, we discuss Mick’s view that 80% of sales success is deal management and 20% is sales methodology. 

We discussed solutions to help streamline the closing phase of the sales process, the sales process and how it has become less relevant. We agree must be on the buying process and the go-to-market strategies, but focus on how your buyers want to buy. And the whole project management relationship-building process that you need behind that. Welcome to Scale Your Sales podcast, Mick Gosset.


2:49 – Two essential exercises within the forecasting world

5:34 – Give something new to your customer.

8:47 – The biggest struggle in sales

 11:22 – It’s all about the management

14:22 – How does Jointflows work?

17:54 – Implement a process in sales

19:27 – Show your customers that you can solve their problems.

21:47 – Check all angles in sales to make the cycle faster.

24:19 – The unique thing about JointFlow’s process