The Revenue Revolution
PLOG S1E2 - Mick Gosset

Bigger scope, full revenue-cycle & Sales processes


Welcome to the Jointflows podcast.

Our guest this week is Mick, CEO of Jointflows.

Mick is an experienced entrepreneur in the sales and tech space.

He is passionate about sales as well as helping clients to maximise their resources and succeed with closing even more deals.
Before founding Jointflows Mick was the Director of EMEA Sales & Strategic Account Development at Yieldify.

Mick is very well-placed to solve the problems in the sales industry.

In this episode, we talked about Jointflows recent evolution to widen the scope of their offering for the benefit of their clients.

While previously focussed on the closing phases of the sales process, a new opportunity will offer value from post-signature, all the way through the sales cycle, making it an exciting time for us at Jointflows.

The pipeline has exploded (00:02:05)

A massive opportunity has opened up for us  (00:03:10)

It is not about the system it is about supporting evolving workflows (00:05:18)

The documentation part is really important (00:06:33)

Ability to take a zoomed out view is a key differentiator (00:07:04)

Jointflows is uniquely placed between three categories (00:09:26)

Everybody is struggling because there is never a clear solution (00:14:10)

Jointflows does the tactical dirty work to move the needle (00:14:47)