The Revenue Revolution PLOG 1

A humongous Opportunity & deals are harder to close.


Welcome to the Jointflows podcast.

Our host is Mick Gosset, founder of Jointflows.  He was a sales rep for many years, becoming the top performer at every company he’s been at.  Before sales, he was a gymnast, which gave him the resilience to achieve in sales. 

Our guest is Hitesh, the new CRO.  He is an experienced sales leader, a top performer and has a wealth of knowledge about the industry. 

Hitesh’s experience comes from working in a range of different companies including Yieldify, Profitero, IRI and Procter and Gamble.  

In his last role at Yieldify he was leading the new business sales team over a period of five years. Hitesh also has recent insights of working through acquisitions as the last two companies he has worked at have been acquired.

In this episode, we learn more about Hitesh.  

He shares some of his initial thoughts on working for Jointflows and the opportunities at the company.  He also shares his insights of working in the industry.

Last mile of the sales funnel (00:02:06)

It used to be very easy to sell  (00:03:55)

100% more difficult to push deals over the line (00:06:24)

The goal is to improve your close rate (00:07:41)

Jointflows play with tech stack that no one else covers (00:9:00)

The opportunity of lack of target addressable market is humongous (00:11:00)

Return on investment on people is extremely important (00:13:20)

We close revenue faster (00:14:00)