The Revenue Revolution + Craig Bryant

Growth Planning, Modernisation & Flexibility


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows. 

Our hosts this week were Mick & Hitesh, CEO and CRO of Jointflows. 

We were interviewing Craig Bryant, an expert in Go-to-Market, Sales and Growth. 

Craig is the co-founder of Clevenue, a platform that enables revenue leaders to chart the right course to scale by engineering growth strategies rather than fudging their numbers. 

Craig has over a decade of experience from commercial and strategic roles at SaaS companies of all shapes and sizes, and now, in addition to Clevenue, Craig uses his expertise in analytics, eCommerce and Martech/Adtech to consult and guide early-stage SaaS start-ups in their approach to Go-to-Market, Sales and Growth.


In this episode we talk about how times have changed, but people still approach planning the same way, adjusting expectations, how sales processes have changed, and best practices in planning and growth.

Craig shares his knowledge and tips, and also his to-date best career moment.


Highlight 1 (00:01:16) Times change, but people see planning same way as they did a decade ago

Highlight 2 (00:04:04) COVID as an example of positive adjustment

Highlight 3 (00:07:14) Hitting your sales numbers is becoming impossible

Highlight 4 (00:14:11) Reviewing and revising planning

Highlight 5 (00:15:33) Hype around forecasting tools

Highlight 6 (00:23:29) Best recipe for success vs failure in planning and growth

Highlight 7 (00:27:42) Craigs best career memory