The Revenue Revolution + Kieran Smith

Revenue impact, Productivity Management & Onboarding


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows.

This week’s episode was hosted by Mick, CEO and Founder of Jointflows and CRO Hitesh Kapadia. 

We interview Kieran Smith, an expert in go to market enablement and a productivity manager at Staffbase

Kieran is a sales Enablement leader with over a decade of experience in sales leadership, adept at designing and implementing sales enablement programs that increase team productivity and revenue growth with a proven track record in developing sales strategies that are aligned with business goals, identifying and addressing training gaps, and fostering a culture of continuous learning.


In this episode we talk about revenue impact, productivity management, onboarding, and Kieran’s philosophy on enablement. Kieran also talks us through his recent career move and his experiences in sales leadership explaining how businesses can grow their productivity through enablement and personal culpability as well as his views on the role of AI in increasing automation in the sales industry.


Highlight 1 – (00:01:32) Kieran’s story

Highlight 2 – (00:04:42) The shift in the enablement & setting up for success

Highlight 3 – (00:08:50) My Philosophy on Enablement

Highlight 4 – (00:12:36) “The Biggest question” influencing and impacting sales

Highlight 5 – (00:22:00) “A question everyone has to be thinking about right now”

Highlight 6 – (0023:00) AI and Sales – Oil and Water?