The Revenue Revolution + Kunal Pandya

Modern Sales Enablement, Sales Velocity Equation & Impact Attribution


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows. 

Our guest this week is Kunal, who is the Founder and CEO of Sales Velocity Labs. He has over 20 years experience in the technology and high-growth SaaS industry. 

Kunal is a data driven Global Enablement Leader and he founded Sales Velocity Labs four months ago with a mission to impact revenue of worldwide businesses by a minimum of 15%.

Kunal has been able to use his wealth of experience to build revenue impacting strategies and has done so in very senior roles at a range of different companies in the technology space.


In this episode we talked about the strategies for sales enablement in order to have maximum impact on revenue.

Kunal shared many different strategies to improve revenue and it starts with his four levers of revenue impact. 

We spoke about the challenges of sales leaders today and the need to evolve sales strategy beyond traditional approaches and methodology. 

Kunal advocates a data focussed approach to driving revenue and identifying measurable competencies.

Kunal broke down the ways he tackled a client requesting revenue growth from $90 million dollars to $110 million dollars.


Sales enablement is about impacting revenue (00:01:45)

90% of sales leaders do not know the revenue impact of enablement function (00:03:09)

Random Acts of Enablement (00:04:23)

It is time enablement is part of the conversation (00:07:16)

4 Levers of Revenue Impact (00:08:20)

From $90 million dollars to $110 million dollars (00:12:55)

Pipeline pH (00:15:37)

Fix the holes first before filling up your bucket (00:18:37)

Operational enablement vs. Strategic enablement (00:20:43)

Decade of sales training might not be relevant anymore (00:21:25)

No point of having the best of everything if your sales team are burnt out (00:24:20)