The Revenue Revolution + Scott Finden

Mastering basics, Team Selling & Productivity


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows. 

Mick and Hitesh interview Scott Finden who is the Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Reachdesk. Scott has consistently been a top sales performer and has been at Reachdesk for almost four years and has transitioned from a business development representative role to an account executive role. 

Scott joined Reachdesk in its early stages of development and was the second hire working directly under the Co-Founders.  

In this episode we talk about how Scott has navigated the transition from a SDR role to an AE role and the skills needed to be really good at sales.  

Scott shared some insights about some of the mentoring he has had and the resources that he has found useful in his career.

Scott was very frank about not being a finished article how difficult changing his role was at the start.  

We also discussed the current challenges in the sales landscape with long sales processes.


Highlight 1 (00:03:05) – Tailor your approach big companies vs. small companies 

Highlight 2 (00:05:09) – Sales tactics that are useful and scaleable 

Highlight 3 (00:06:15) – Man-marking in an organisation 

Highlight 4 (00:09:27) – The struggle with maintaining sales momentum 

Highlight 5 (00:12:20) – Can’t underestimate luck 

Highlight 6 (00:14:25) – Ask people how they are doing the good things that they are doing 

Highlight 7 (00:17:40) – I always add the Top 100 AE’s on LinkedIn 

Highlight 8 (00:21:22) – Complacency is one of the things you see with a lot of AE’s 

Highlight 9 (00:24:20) – Work life balance 

Highlight 10 (00:25:41) – Checklist to be successful in a new organisation 

Highlight 11 (00:27:55) – The transition from an SDR to an AE  is tough 

Highlight 12 (00:31:18) – Identify the schoolboy errors and then have an implementation plan to stop it from happening