Unlock the Power of Effective Prospecting with the Free Prospection Playbook from Jointflows


Effective Prospecting with the Free Prospection Playbook from Jointflows

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Struggling with prospecting?

Our Free Prospection Playbook can help. It’s a comprehensive guide that uses proven strategies to streamline your prospecting efforts.

You follow a four-step process to define your ideal customer profile, segment prospects, create targeted call lists, and achieve successful call outcomes.

It’s perfect for targeting the right prospects and enhancing your sales tactics without risk.

By consistently applying the playbook, you’ll discover the best ways to improve your prospecting.

This guide is an excellent resource to boost your sales pipeline and prepare for any market changes.


In today's competitive business landscape, finding and engaging the right prospects is crucial for success. At Jointflows, we understand the challenges that come with prospecting, which is why we are excited to offer our Free Prospection Playbook. This comprehensive guide is designed to streamline your prospecting efforts and maximize your sales potential. Let’s dive into what the Prospection Playbook offers and how it can bring value to your business.

Mick Gosset - CEO of Jointflows

Mick Gosset

CEO of Jointflows

What is the Prospection Playbook?

The Prospection Playbook is a detailed, step-by-step guide developed by Jointflows to help sales teams identify, engage, and convert prospects effectively. Authored by Mick Gosset, CEO of Jointflows, this playbook leverages proven strategies to simplify and enhance your prospecting efforts. The playbook is structured into four key steps that ensure a systematic and efficient approach to prospecting.

Key Features of the Prospection Playbook

Automated ABS Playbook by Jointflows

Step 1: Define ICP Criteria

To start, the playbook guides you through defining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This involves selecting criteria such as company size, location, and growth stage to filter your prospects. By focusing on these criteria, you can build a targeted list of potential customers who are most likely to benefit from your product or service.

Step 2: Segment Your Ideal Persona

Next, the playbook emphasizes the importance of segmenting your prospects into two groups: Above The Line (ATL) and Below The Line (BTL). ATL individuals are decision-makers with significant influence, while BTL individuals are potential users with valuable insights. By tailoring your approach to these segments, you can effectively navigate organizational hierarchies and uncover key information.

Step 3: Create Cold Calling Lists

The playbook then provides a schedule for cold calling these lists, alternating between ATL and BTL contacts. This structured approach ensures consistent outreach and maximizes your chances of making meaningful connections.

Step 4: Successful Call Outcomes

Finally, the playbook outlines the desired outcomes of successful calls. Whether it’s entering the ABS (Account-Based Selling) pipeline or the sales pipeline, the playbook provides clear instructions on how to proceed based on different scenarios. This step is crucial for maintaining momentum and ensuring that no opportunities are missed.

Step 4: Successful Call Outcomes

  1. Streamlined Process: The playbook breaks down the prospecting process into manageable steps, making it easier for your sales team to follow and implement.
  2. Targeted Approach: By focusing on specific criteria and segmenting your prospects, you can tailor your messaging and increase the likelihood of engagement.
  3. Efficiency: With a clear schedule and defined outcomes, your sales team can work more efficiently, ensuring that their efforts are directed towards the most promising leads.
  4. Enhanced Insights: Engaging both ATL and BTL contacts provides a comprehensive understanding of potential customers, helping you to better address their needs and challenges.
  5. Automation with Jointflows: The playbook is designed to work seamlessly with Jointflows’ automation tools, which can accelerate your progress by threefold. This integration ensures that your prospecting efforts are not only effective but also scalable.

How to Get Started

Ready to transform your prospecting efforts? Download the Free Prospection Playbook from Jointflows and start implementing these proven strategies today. To further enhance your prospecting process, consider booking a demo with Jointflows to see how our automation tools can take your sales to the next level.

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