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Hit Your Next Year's Sales Target with Scenario Planning

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Missed 2023 sales targets?

Our Sales Performance Simulator can help. It’s a tool that uses your current sales data to plan for a better year.

You enter your 2023 sales figures, and the simulator lets you experiment with different strategies to hit your 2024 goals.

It’s perfect for setting realistic targets and trying out new sales tactics without risk.

By regularly updating your approach in the simulator, you’ll find the best ways to improve your sales.

This tool is a great way to turn around declining sales and ensure you’re prepared for any market changes. 


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Missed 2023 quotas? Seeing decreased sales performance? You're not alone. Many sales teams face these challenges, especially in uncertain times. But there's hope! Our Sales Performance Simulator is designed to turn things around. By using this tool, you can plan different sales scenarios to not just meet, but exceed your targets next year. It's all about understanding where you are now, and mapping out a path to where you want to be.

Mick Gosset - CEO of Jointflows

Mick Gosset

CEO of Jointflows

Why Use Scenario Planning?

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Planning for Next Year:

Now, let’s look ahead. The simulator lets you play with different numbers and strategies to see how you might achieve your 2024 sales goals. It’s like a crystal ball for your sales strategy!

How the Simulator Works:

The simulator takes a close look at your current sales figures. It especially focuses on your conversion rates – how many potential customers actually end up buying. This is your starting point, showing how you did in 2023.

Free Sales Planning Simulator

1. Set Realistic Goals:

By looking at past performance, you can set achievable targets for the coming year.

2. Experiment with Strategies:

Test out various approaches in a risk-free environment to see what could boost your sales.

3. Continuously Improve:

Test out various approaches in a risk-free environment to see what could boost your sales.

4. Stay Prepared:

Planning for different scenarios means you’re ready for any market changes.


If you’re feeling the pressure from last year’s missed targets and declining sales, our Sales Performance Simulator is your guide to a brighter year ahead.

It helps you understand your current situation and explore ways to improve. Use this tool to plan your journey to sales success!

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