Post: The Revenue Revolution Podcast – With John Hammond

The Revenue Revolution + John Hammond​

The Revenue Revolution + John Hammond

ICP, Pricing & Value Selling


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows. 
Jointflows is a revolutionary tool that streamlines the sales process and in particular the closing stages. Jointflows accelerates internal processes with a collaborative platform enabling clients to take control of the sale process and prevent loss of revenue.

Mick and Hitesh interviewed John Hammond, John has a wealth of knowledge and experience of all things tech and finance with 30 years of experience in sales, tech, and marketing industries, his career highlights include having worked at established companies such as IBM and Railsbank, and as CEO at JHKL. John has also worked extensively as a coach and CRO.

In this episode we talk about John’s career highs and lows and why being a dad is the most important job of all for him.

We also discuss John’s views on monetisation strategies including the importance of finding the right customer and the right problem, and the success of premium pricing models, weighing up when companies should go Freemium and how John deals with strong-headed CEO’s.


Highlight 1 (00:01:02) – “Number one I’m a dad, that’s the most important job I have”.

Highlight 2 (00:09:53) – “If you knew the answer, you’d tell me… none of us know the answer”.

Highlight 3 (00:12:43) – Company founders are doing the impossible.

Highlight 4 (00:02:11) – “What is it we do?” John’s favourite question.

Highlight 5 (00:11:43) – Trying to be everything for everyone.

Highlight 6 (00:18:15) – Do or die – “Man, I gotta fix the problem in my business”.

Highlight 7 (00:24:20) – A fatal mistake – “It’s a race to the bottom and you’ve commoditized yourself”.

Highlight 8 (00:29:45) – Expert advice on all things price management.

Highlight 9 (00:35:21) – How John survives strong-headed CEO’s.

Highlight 10 (00:37:41) – “It’s tiring not to be mellow”

Highlight 11 (00:40:38) – John’s favourite memories.

Highlight 12 (00:41:48) – Christmas parties, alcohol, and big speeches!