Post: The Revenue Revolution Podcast – With Gerry Hill

The Revenue Revolution Podcast - With Gerry Hill

The Revenue Revolution + Gerry Hill

Curiosity, Cold Calling & SaaS Contracts


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows. 
Jointflows is a revolutionary tool that streamlines the sales process and in particular the closing stages. Jointflows accelerates internal processes with a collaborative platform enabling clients to take control of the sale process and prevent loss of revenue.

Mick and Hitseh interviewed Gerry Hill,  Regional vice president at ConnectAndSell and an expert in all things Sales and cold calls.

ConnectAndSell delivers more live conversations for B2B sales teams in 90 minutes than a traditional week of work would typically.


In this episode, we talk about Gerry’s opinions on all things sales including the perfect reps, market realignment, the fundamentals of being good at selling stuff, and the importance of compromise in B2B Sales.


Highlight 1 (00:01:54) Market realignment –  the fundamentals of being good at selling stuff.

Highlight 2 (00:05:49) – The gap between good and bad sellers.

Highlight 3 (00:10:34) – Compromise, compromise, compromise.

Highlight 4 (00:12:06) – Contract dodging, “people just don’t seem to bloody well pay their bills”. 

Highlight 5 (00:15:56) – Developing skills & listening to the wise.

Highlight 6 (00:20:03) – Generational sales, the differences from Gen X to Gen Z.

Highlight 7 (00:25:40) – “Get some armour”.

Highlight 8 (00:34:33) – The secrets of sales, who makes the best salesperson?

Highlight 9 (00:38:37) – “Everybody thinks they’ve got the fucking answers”.

Highlight 10 (00:40:35) – Transformational change.

Highlight 11 (00:45:56) – Gerry’s favourite memories.