Post: The Revenue Revolution Podcast – PLOG 3 – Building Jointflows in Public

The Revenue Revolution - PLOG 3

The Podcast, Early Innings & Emotional Attachment


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows.

Our hosts this week are Mick, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Jointflows and Hitesh, Chief Revenue Officer. 

This week’s episode is a “plog”, a podcast-blog, where we talk about creating Jointflows.

We chat about what it’s been like building Jointflows, some of the milestones we’ve achieved, our Revenue Revolution podcast, and much more.

We take a deep dive into our podcast, how it’s been great for our brand and networks, and how we aspire to reach listeners from customers to business managers.

We discuss what we’ve been doing well since starting Jointflows, and some of the common mistakes people usually make when starting new businesses.


Highlight 1 (00:01:30) – The making of the Revenue Revolution Podcast

Highlight 2 (00:03:11) – Mick’s biggest podcast surprise

Highlight 3 (00:05:16) – Jointflows redirected to revenue execution

Highlight 4 (00:08:25) – We signed more clients!

Highlight 5 (00:12:13) – How we pitch makes a difference

Highlight 6 (00:13:45) – “Don’t attach yourself emotionally to your initial idea”

Highlight 7 (00:15:57) – The most negative things/pitches we’ve heard from clients