Post: The Revenue Revolution Podcast – With Adam Weekes

The Revenue Revolution + Adam Weekes

Case studies, Regional nuances & Discipline


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows. 

Our hosts this week were Mick, CEO and Founder of Jointflows and Hitesh, Chief Revenue Officer.


Today’s guest is Adam Weekes who is a British Army Veteran and has worked in a range of different sales roles for over 10 years with a focus on SaaS. 

Adam is the Sales Leader for EMEA at Bigtincan where he has been for almost four years.

Previously he has worked at Cyance, Clearvision and Inbox Insight to name a few examples.

Adam attributes his army background to some of the reasons why he has been successful in sales, for example the discipline and preparation.


In this episode we talk about Adam’s perspective of being one of the first people on the ground at Bigtincan and spoke about the ways to manage leadership’s expectations. 

We also discussed the different skills that people in sales need in order to progress and do well in their careers. 

Adam stressed the importance of customer stories and case studies in order to bring some context to the wealth of sales data available.


Highlight 1 (00:04:20) – Industry is on a knife edge.

Highlight 2 (00:05:58) – Don’t spin 15 plates in one go, just spin four or five.

Highlight 3 (00:12:18) – Too many companies spread themselves too thinly.

Highlight 4 (00:13:53) – Data can be so new and alienating to some sales leaders.

Highlight 5 (00:17:07) – Listen to the customer success managers and account managers.

Highlight 6 (00:18:53) – The way to have an impressive career is to believe in what you sell.

Highlight 7 (00:20:54) – If you are selling software, use it!

Highlight 8 (00:26:49) – Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance.

Highlight 9 (00:28:22) – Onboarding needs to be tailored to the individual

Highlight 10 (00:31:55) – Onboarding is good but don’t forget about continuous learning