Post: The Revenue Revolution Podcast – With Annabel Pattinson

The Revenue Revolution Podcast - With Annabel Pattinson

The Revenue Revolution + Annabel Pattinson

Account Management, Mentorship & Self Improvement


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows. 
Jointflows is a revolutionary tool that streamlines the sales process and in particular the closing stages. Jointflows accelerates internal processes with a collaborative platform enabling clients to take control of the sale process and prevent loss of revenue.


This week we interviewed Annabel Pattinson, an account manager at Figma and an expert at sales outreach, using creative solutions and her passion for sales.

She has climbed the sales ladder having started as an intern and now working as an account manager at Figma. 


We talked about sales careers, Annabel’s rules for success and the importance of taking calculated risks.

Annabel also tells us about how to mentor successfully and her career tips, including how she was inspired by those around her.


Highlight 1 (00:01:51) – Annabel’s sales story,  “I had to hit the ground running” 

Highlight 2 (00:05:06) – Secrets to successful relationship building 

Highlight 3 (00:08:03) – “The best managers that I’ve had are the ones that trust me” 

Highlight 4 (00:08:43)“The word empathy,” balancing customer needs with your own 

Highlight 5 (00:09:20) – Breaking down the client base and finding champions 

Highlight 6 (00:14:44) – First impressions are everything, so how do we form them? 

Highlight 7 (00:17:38) – How can I stop being pigeonholed with other salespeople? 

Highlight 8 (00:18:39) – Research, Research, and more research –  “I think it is the most important thing in the world” 

Highlight 9 (00:23:44) – Dissecting essential skills for managing 

Highlight 10 (00:27:43) – Women in business, how can we empower them? 

Highlight 11 (00:35:46) – Great memories and fantastic companies