Post: The Revenue Revolution Podcast – With Darin Alpert

The Revenue Revolution + Darin Alpert​

The Revenue Revolution + Darin Alpert

Success, Layoffs and A New Era of Revenue


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows.  Darin is currently the VP of Strategy for RepVue and has carried out this role for the past 2 years.

Darin is an experienced sales leader and has been in sales for all of his career. He currently is the VP of Strategy and Sales at RepVue.

He has gone from selling shoes in a sporting goods store to selling technology to some of the biggest companies in the world. Darin has also co-founded two companies, one of which Mark Cuban invested in, and he has sold both companies profitably.

In this episode we discuss the current state of the sales landscape, including the lay offs that are happening in sales and potentially some of the reasons for this, for example missing quotas and overhiring.

Darin shared some skills that sales reps need to have to succeed, including honing their craft and talking to their peers in order to improve. 

We also spoke about sales processes being much longer than they used to be and how sales reps can navigate this new landscape.


Highlight 1 (00:08:00) – The targets are probably not attainable 

Highlight 2 (00:08:20) – Many sales reps are not set up to succeed 

Highlight 3 (00:10:05) – Good sales reps are good at discovery and qualifying deals out quickly 

Highlight 4 (00:13:27) – Detecting bad sales positions 

Highlight 5 (00:16:10) – Interviewing is a two way street 

Highlight 6 (00:17:50) – Do research on the organisation you are applying for 

Highlight 7 (00:21:48) – Too many organisations trickle revenue targets top down without a bottom up approach  

Highlight 8 (00:24:37) – Delusions of grandeur 

Highlight 9 (00:30:58) – Everyone is selling to the CFO now 

Highlight 10 (00:31:25) – Definition of a champion