Post: The Revenue Revolution Podcast – With Frank Sondors

The Revenue Revolution Podcast - With Frank Sondors

The Revenue Revolution + Frank Sondors

Email Prospection, Technical co-founders & Bootstrapping


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows. 

Our hosts this week were Mick, CEO and Founder of Jointflows and Hitesh, Chief Revenue Officer. 


Today’s guest is Salesforge founder and investor, Frank Sondors.

Specialising in cold emails software, Sondors has a vision of helping companies not only send more emails, but better emails, to their customers.

With 60% of emails being read on a mobile device, Sondors and his team are developing a software that will bring the most success to the businesses that invest in Salesforge.

Pivoting from a successful career in sales to founding his own company, his mission is to be the ultimate matchmaker between buyers and sellers through ICP sequencing to tailor a company’s cold emails to their consumers.


In this episode, we discuss the various obstacles that Sondors faced in founding Salesforge and how he worked around them.

From leading big teams versus small teams, creating a software company without knowing how to code, and onboarding clients, Sondors gives us valuable insights into his experience.

Benchmarks for a company’s open rate may be between 30 and 40 percent, but Salesforge’s performance data reaches an astounding 79%.

Choosing the right founding team, reflecting on your skills and shortcomings, and onboarding the right clients for you are just a few of the pearls of wisdom that Frank Sondors shares with us.



Highlight 1 (00:00:25) – Meeting Frank and Salesforge 

Highlight 2 (00:02:30) – Cold emails are the most “profitable and scalable way to acquire business” 

Highlight 3 (00:03:19) – Big team vs small team 

Highlight 4 (00:05:50) – Keep it quippy: 60% of emails are read on a mobile device 

Highlight 5 (00:06:34) – Bringing machine learning into sales 

Highlight 6 (00:08:02) – The biggest barrier between you and the market 

Highlight 7 (00:08:43) – Salesfolk are strong enough to be CEOs 

Highlight 8 (00:10:29) – Tech co-founders are the missing puzzle piece 

Highlight 9 (00:14:40) – Don’t build what’s already been built 

Highlight 10 (00:16:14) – Big software names don’t work for everyone 

Highlight 11 (00:19:37) – Make sure your co-founders complement each other 

Highlight 12 (00:22:50) – Salesforce’s north star: sending lots of “good emails” 

Highlight 13 (00:24:35) – Onboarding looks different for every software 

Highlight 14 (00:27:17) – There’s no one-size-fits-all software 

highlight 15 (00:27:58) – Frank’s best memory in sales