Post: The Revenue Revolution Podcast – With Jack Neicho

The Revenue Revolution + Jack Neicho

Building Communities, Leveraging VCs & Authenticity


This week’s episode was hosted by CEO and founder of Jointflows and CRO Hitesh Kapadia.

Mick Gosset is a tech entrepreneur with an impressive history in the sales and tech industry. Mick has a wealth of experience having previously worked his way up from a BDR to VP of Sales. His company Jointflows is solving the “orchestrational nightmare” of the closing phase and helping to increase the conversion rate for sales teams.
His co-host Hitesh is the new CRO, an experienced sales leader and a top performer, he has a wealth of knowledge about the industry.

Our guest this week is Jack Neicho, a senior account executive at Salesloft and Co-founder at the No Big Deal Podcast.

Jack has gained extensive experience at building and maintaining a loyal customer pipeline through his time at Salesloft. Jack is also highly experienced in sales and mapping out deals and is passionate about empowering colleagues and the community to perform at the top of their game by being viewed as a peer by leaders and a leader by peers.

In this episode we talk about the sales and revenue pipeline, brand building, and how everything comes down to revenue in the world of sales. 

Jack discusses his views and gives tips on how to alleviate the recent challenges in the pipeline of b2b sales.

Jack explains how this can be alleviated through removing friction, exec-buy in and involvement, and upskilling.

Jack also tells us about his tips for brand building, explaining that clever use of networking tools such as LinkedIn and a natural enthusiasm about sales are pivotal for success, alongside paying forward and helping people out without expecting anything in exchange.


The easy call outs to make (00:01:14)

Mapping out the deal and Revenue Champions(00:03:19):

Jack’s story (00:09:22)

The best advice I’ve ever had as a sales rep(00:12:15)

Backing the right horse is the money (00:13:55)

When buying software “maybe you don’t want to give away your secrets”, but here’s why you should  (00:16:10)

Getting deal cycles quick(00:18:11)

Technology revolutionising sales (00:22:46)

Coming across like a consultant, “Hey, if I were you, I would actually do this”(00:26:04)

 “This is the best job ever”  (00:28:35)