Post: The Revenue Revolution Podcast – With James Ker-Reid

The Revenue Revolution + James Ker-Reid

Conversion Over Coverage, Hybrid roles & NRR


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows.

Our hosts this week were Mick, CEO and Founder of Jointflows and Hitesh, Chief Revenue Officer.
Mick is an experienced entrepreneur in the sales and tech space. He is passionate about sales as well as helping clients to maximise their resources and succeed with closing even more deals. Hitesh is a leader in sales and has experience from companies including Yieldify and Procter and Gamble.

Our guest this week is James Ker-Reid who is the Founder and CEO of Sales for Startups and is also a bestselling author.
James is an extremely experienced salesperson and has experience of all sides of the sales cycle.  He has worked on deals ranging from £2k to £2 million.
James has over 15 years in B2B sales experience and he is an award winning Sales Leader. James has made a very big impact for the companies he has worked in.  He successfully grew the revenue of the first startup by 4X in only six months.
Sales for Startups and James’ team target revenue growth of 3X and has helped over 80 clients with this.

In this episode we talked about the ever changing sales landscape. 

We discussed the reasons why the sales cycle process is taking much longer to get signed off, such as procurement, data protection issues and legal clauses. James shared his own views on what makes a fantastic sales leader and what skills are needed to drive retention and conversion. 

James placed a bigger emphasis on conversion and always looking for an incremental edge to get better. James distributed his three steps to optimising the sales cycle.  In order these are Proposition, People and Process.

Elongation of sales cycle of up to 50%  (00:02:00)

We drink our own champagne (00:03:40)

Companies are using SDR’s as advocates and mini-influencers (00:06:40)

Focus is on net revenue retention (00:08:20)

Undervalued skill in customer sales is marketing (00:09:26)

A lot of emotions at play in sales (00:12:30)

Founders are eager for results at an early stage (00:14:10)

Leaders are just the conductor of the orchestra (00:16:44)

Many people in leadership do not know their key values (00:22:00)

Conversion comes first and coverage comes later (00:23:51)

Have to prioritise what is in the pipeline  (00:27:30)

Chat GPT  (00:27:11)

WhatsApp is a no no from me  (00:31:53)