Post: The Revenue Revolution Podcast – With Joe LaGrutta

The Revenue Revolution + Joe LaGrutta

Revenue Operations, AI & Scalability


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows.  

Mick and Hitesh interviewed Joe LaGrutta, a growth-expert. 

Joe is a family-man with over a decade of experience as a marketing and revenue operations consultant. 

He helps start-ups and Fortune 500 companies grow their revenue through operational excellence. 

Joe is also the founder of, a premier business operations collective with deep in-house technical expertise and strategic skills.

In this episode we talk about all things rev-ops, how it should be recognised all around, from budget decisions to long term business strategies.

We talk about rev-ops becoming a bigger and bigger part of most organisations, the importance of rev-ops in budget decisions and long term strategies.

We also discuss how tech budgets for marketing sales teams and businesses in general started to increase, and we take a dive into the tech used in organisations, how much is too much, and what is important when considering new tech tools in businesses.


Highlight 1 (00:01:35) How rev-ops role changes and evolves

Highlight 2 (00:03:25) Characteristics of a great rev-ops person

Highlight 3 (00:04:40) “Your failure to plan is not my emergency”

Highlight 4 (00:05:24) Importance of rev-ops in budget decisions and long term strategies

Highlight 5 (00:10:30) How much is too much tech in an organisation?

Highlight 6 (00:13:42)  AI’s role in rev-ops at the moment, and in the future

Highlight 7 (00:16:16) Recipe for success for an efficient rev-ops team, and when to get one

Highlight 8 (00:23:43) Joe’s story, moving from sales/marketer to ops-engineer

Highlight 9 (00:25:49)  Systematically not thinking holistically leads to bigger problems

Highlight 10 (00:30:05) Joe’s best career moment