Post: The Revenue Revolution Podcast – With Richard Convery

The Revenue Revolution Podcast - With Richard Convery

The Revenue Revolution + Richard Convery

Customer Success, Account Management & Commission plans


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows. 
Jointflows is a revolutionary tool that streamlines the sales process and in particular the closing stages. Jointflows accelerates internal processes with a collaborative platform enabling clients to take control of the sale process and prevent loss of revenue.

Mick and Hitesh interviewed Richard Convery, founder and CEO of Ascendr.

Richard has 15 years of SaaS experience, primarily in customer success and operational roles, but he has been covering a little bit of everything, including a bit of development.

Ascendr is a startup, predominately a customer onboarding tool, but as it is in its early stages, Ascendr is still finding its place in the market.

In this episode we talk about the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur, and how managing a startup differs from a 9 to 5.

We pick on Convery’s experienced brain about expansion and the framework for that, the importance of commission, and how important and game changing communication and points of view can be when problem solving. 


Highlight 1 (00:00:35) Introducing Ascendr and Richard Convery.

Highlight 2 (00:02:52) Compensation is key in the framework for expansion.

Highlight 3 (00:05:42) Convery’s view on who’s responsible for sales and who should be driving them.

Highlight 4 (00:07:21) Playbook for expansion.

Highlight 5 (00:09:29) “If you can keep solving problems, they’re gonna stick with you and hopefully pay you more money as a result”.

Highlight 6 (00:11:20)  Convery’s thoughts on customer success vs account managers responsible for renewal targets.

Highlight 7 (00:18:20)  Convery’s experience of asking a product team to create more future vs him being his own product team.

Highlight 8 (00:26:25)  How starting a startup has changed Convery’s personal life.

Highlight 9 (00:30:31) Commercial acumen can be taught.

Highlight 10 (00:35:04)  If you can see that a customer’s got a problem or may have a problem, get them to think from your point of view.

Highlight 11 (00:37:32) Convery’s best career memory.