Post: The Revenue Revolution Podcast – With Tom Smith

The Revenue Revolution + Tom Smith

Momentum, Empathy & Value Selling


Welcome to another edition of the Revenue Revolution podcast from Jointflows. 

Our host this week is Mick, CEO and Founder of Jointflows alongside Hitesh, Chief Revenue Officer.

This week, we interviewed Tom Smith, growth consultant at Imagino.


Imagino is a customer data platform that allows businesses to understand, organise, and benefit from their customer data.

In a world where standard cold emails just don’t cut it, imagino helps their clients provide a personalised and tailored experience to their customers.


Starting off as a lone wolf in his sales endeavours, Tom shares his approach to building business and getting the most out of RFPs.

Building real in-person connections with like-minded people is Tom’s bread and butter for attracting the best customers and collaborators for Imagino.

Tom is a big believer in doing the right thing without expecting an immediate reward as his work to help people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic came back to rebuild his pipeline.


Highlight 1 (00:01:15) – Times are changing for AEs 

Highlight 2 (00:02:22) – Don’t sell products, solve problems 

Highlight 3 (00:03:53) – Stay in your corner and build your team 

Highlight 4 (00:06:02) – Build a solution with your customer 

Highlight 5 (00:07:20) – The 360 role: How to get your team in line 

Highlight 6 (00:12:10) – Delivering education to the market 

Highlight 7 (00:14:38) – Momentum is the key to sales 

Highlight 8 (00:16:30)- Connect with people without a trade-off 

Highlight 9 (00:19:35) – From lone wolf to post-COVID hero 

Highlight 10 (00:21:55) – The work-life balanceShoot for the stars and innovate (00:25:10)

Highlight 11 (00:29:05) – Get to events to build your business 

Highlight 12 (00:33:16) – Face-to-face interaction: bring people into your world 

Highlight 13 (00:35:20) – Brutal honesty: the recipe for a successful RFP

Highlight 14 (00:37:55) – Tom Smith’s favourite memory in sales